Project: Child Care


Daily over 25 kids (age 6-15 yeara) come to our Child-Care-Centre. They all receive general care, food and clothes. Although the kids are from different tribes, they have learned to accept and respect each other. Some of the major goals of the ODP is to bring: Respect, Love and Unity among all who live in Omega (and areas).

Nowadays our kids can sit and play together: singing, puzzling, drawing and sporting etc. And with that, they start accepting and loving each other.

Daily 25 kids receive a nutricious lunch and during the weekend, over 30 kids come to the centre. After lunch they draw, puzzle, sing and sport.

During past years we received tremendous support to run this centre from:

Mrs. Kitty de Vries and her frieds/family – The Netherlands

Verein zur Hilfe Kinder der Dritten Welt – Schweinfurt - Germany

Suedtiroler Aerzte fuer die Welt - Austria

A great Than You to them for all the boxes with clothes, toys and writing-materials which we received during the  year.