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Project:  Omega





Project Omega is run by the OMI (Oblates Mary Immaculate) mission in Omega.


Because of the favorable strategic position, the South-African army used it in the past as their base in their fight against the SWAPO liberation organization.

During this time, a military base, a church, schools, banks, shops and a hospital were built to service the over 6.000 citizens at that time.





After the liberation of Namibia, the army left the area and with that the civil population lost most of the work and business opportunities.




The  village has 4.489 citizans. Most of the children attend the Omega Combined School but once they pass the examinations it's becoming difficult to get a proper job. The closest nearby city is Rundu, 260 km west of Omega.



Some of the village people have work at  farm, 5 km outside Omega; they work from 05:00 - 10:00. During the rest of the day, many gather around the center of the village. For the students who finished their examinations of the public school (good quality) it's not the right atmosphere to create and build a bright future. But a move from them to one of the big cities (WIndhoek, Rundu, Grootfontein) won't solve the problem of at least getting a job; the unemployment in the big cities is very high.

A change is needed, Omega needs to be lifted into a positive direction. New business opportunities need to be created to decrease the high unemployment rate in Omega.

There are enough possibilities to achieve that but one of the first steps is to have normal daily electricity supply. The youth has the motivation to make the change but are caught in a vicious circle.

The OMI-mission in Omega is helping them (and the village people) by implementing projects.



The tasks of the mission is not only related to the village but covers an area of 45 km by 260 km.


Weekly Rev. Fr. Aloys Kapp OMI, visits the bush-areas to proclaim the gospel and to help  people in need with food and clothes.