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Stichting Children's Home "Kitty"

The Netherlands

Verein zur Hilfe Kinder der dritten Welt


Südtiroler Arzte für die Dritte Welt


Prof. Dr. Christian Hendrich


Mr. Michael and Mrs. Gerda Hesselbach


Friends and family of Fr. Aloys Kapp




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For many years the OMI - Mission Station in Omega is helping the poor people and kids in need in an area of over 45 km x 160 km.






The OMI - Mission Station gives support with:

- Kindergarten

- Child Care Center

- Computer training

- Food programs

- Vocational training and Garden cultivation

- Workshops, Religious education


The St. Ann's Church on the  premises of the OMI - mission station is the center point for many people in Omega.







And each week as well visits to the out-stations to preach the gospel and to explain the bible.









A Great


to our sponsors in:

Germany, Italy, Austria and

The Netherlands.